Colloquial emphatic negation in Russian and morphology of negative concord
David Erschler
January 2023

Alongside the standard negation, colloquial Russian has grammaticalized an alternative negation marker, xuj ‘dick’ and its euphemisms, that has negative force but does not license ni-phrases in its scope. Adopting the overall approach of Zeijlstra (2004) to negation and negative concord, I explore the properties of this construction to provide novel evidence that both semantic licensing and morphological concord are implicated in forming in Slavic. Specifically, I interpret the inability of the negator xuj to license ni-negative indefinites as evidence that ni-negative indefinites undergo morphological concord with Neg0, which is spelled out as the standard negator ne.
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Published in: to appear in a special issue of the Journal of Slavic Linguistics (Proceedings of FASL 30)
keywords: syntax, negation, negative concord, colloquial russian, taboo words, syntax
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