Cross-linguistic insights in the theory of semantics and its interface with syntax
Anna Szabolcsi
November 2023

This paper highlights a small selection of cases where cross-linguistic insights have been important to big questions in the theory of semantics and the syntax/semantics interface. The selection includes (i) the role and representation of Speaker and Addressee in the grammar; (ii) mismatches between form and interpretation motivating high-placed silent operators for functional elements; and (iii) the explanation of semantic universals, including universals pertaining to inventories, in terms of learnability and the trade-off between informativeness and simplicity.
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Reference: lingbuzz/006992
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Published in: To appear in Theoretical Linguistics 50.
keywords: cross-linguistic, factivity, indexical shift, speaker, addressee, quantificational particle, universal, learnability, communicative efficiency, semantics, syntax
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