Partial control with overt embedded subjects in Chirag
Dmitry Ganenkov
December 2022

This article documents a previously unattested variety of obligatory control (OC) in the Nakh-Daghestanian language Chirag Dargwa, which lies at the intersection between two phenomena known from previous research: overt controlled subjects and partial control. Despite being less widespread cross-linguistically, these two phenomena do occur in various unrelated languages and are known to not quite fit in with existing theories of OC. Combined in a single construction, they yield a new empirical option in the typology of OC and provide evidence in favor of a pro analysis of controlled subjects.
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Reference: lingbuzz/007028
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Published in: Accepted to Language
keywords: obligatory control, partial control, infinitive, desiderative predicates, chirag dargwa, nakh-daghestanian, syntax
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