Finding something to lean on
Norvin Richards
March 2023

I develop an account of the Head-Final Filter of Williams (1982), the AP-Adjacency condition of Belk and Neeleman (2017) (cf. also Adger (2012), Giurgea (2009)), and the Final-over-Final Condition (Holmberg 2000, Biberauer et al 2014, and much other work), along with their exceptions. The account makes use of Contiguity Theory, and involves conditions on how metrically weak elements can find prosodic hosts (in particular, I posit a morpheme between adjectives and nouns, like the Tagalog linker or the Indo-Iranian Ezafe morpheme, and the need of this morpheme to find a prosodic host drives the account of the Head-Final Filter and AP-Adjacency).
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keywords: fofc, head-final filter, ap-adjacency, contiguity theory, linker, ezafe, syntax
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