Agreement switch in verb-echo answers: Evidence for Distributed Ellipsis
Gesoel Mendes, Marta Ruda, Jana Willer-Gold, Boban Arsenijevic, Bojana Ristić, Nermina Čordalija, Nedzad Leko, Frane Malenica, Franc Lanko Marušič, Irina Masnikosa, Tanja Milićev, Natasa Milicevic, Petra Mišmaš, Ivana Mitić, Branimir Stankovic, Matea Tolić, Jelena Tusek, Andrew Ira Nevins
March 2023

In this article, we claim that syntactic objects undergoing ellipsis can participate both in syntactic and PF operations. The empirical domain explored is the interaction between single conjunct agreement and verb-echo answers in South Slavic (Marušič et al. 2007, Marušič et al. 2015, Willer-Gold et al. 2016, Willer-Gold et al. 2018). We provide several strands of evidence that verb-echo answers in South Slavic are derived via verb-stranding VP ellipsis. We present an analysis for the agreement options in verb-echo answers according to which Vocabulary Insertion replaces a Q-variable on lexical heads (Halle 1991), and ellipsis is a syntactic procedure that deletes Q-variables (Saab 2022). The interaction between Distributed Ellipsis, internal merge and Agree-Copy necessary to account for our data follows naturally from this view of ellipsis.
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Reference: lingbuzz/007184
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Published in: submitted
keywords: ellipsis, single conjunct agreement, verb-echo answers, q-variable, distributed ellipsis, morphology, syntax
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