On the semantics of multiple wh-exclamatives in Bangla
Kousani Banerjee
November 2023

The scope of this paper addresses multiple wh-exclamative structures in Bangla (a.k.a. Bengali; Eastern Indo-Aryan). Though exclamatives are widely studied, the phenomenon of multiple wh-exclamatives is rarely cited. At the onset of analysing multiple wh-exclamatives, this paper revisits the proposition-set theory approach (D’Avis, 2002; Zanuttini and Portner, 2003; Chernilovskaya, 2010) that views wh-exclamatives as having a question-based semantics, and the degree approach (Mir ́o, 2006; Rett, 2008a, 2011) that claims wh-exclamatives bear a degree component in their domain which is responsible for the surprising element of the clause. However, the degree approach rejects the idea of exclamatives with multiple wh-words (Rett, 2008a, 2011). This paper proposes a new unified frame- work that accounts for the syntax-semantics of Bangla multiple wh-exclamatives and wh-exclamatives in general.
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Published in: In the Proceedings of the 27th Sinn und Bedeutung (SuB27)
keywords: multiple wh-exclamatives, degree approach, question approach, qud, bangla, semantics
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