Gramática de los silencios. Balance y propuesta (2021)
Andrés Saab
May 2023

This is a 2021 book draft. It contains a state of the art of the theory of empty categories in Generative Grammar divided in three parts. In the first part, I review the prodrop parameter from Chomsky 1981 to some recent minimalist approaches (e.g., Holmberg 2005). This part also contains an in-depth analysis of many consistent prodrop, partial prodrop and radical prodrop languages. In the second part, I review the ellipsis parameter from Zagona and Lobeck's original insights to Merchant's E feature theory. This part also discusses many ellipsis phenomena in the nominal and verbal domains. The third part contains a proposal whose main aim is to show that empty categories (null subjects, copies and ellipses of many sorts) can be unified under what I call the Q-deletion theory. The theory has two main ingredients: (i) a mechanism of deletion under identity in syntax and morphology, and (ii) a set of motivated licensing conditions mainly formulated as locality conditions. The book is written in Spanish. Any comments is more than welcome!
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Reference: lingbuzz/007219
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Published in: accepted in AKAL (2021)
keywords: ellipsis, null subjects, copies, deletion, spanish, morphology, syntax
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