Suzana Fong, Claire Halpert
May 2023

An A-dependency is usually characterised in terms of a relationship between different syntactic positions that is based on case, agreement, theta-role assignment, or binding. This chapter starts with an examination of the defining properties of A-dependencies, focusing on case and agreement as potential driving forces for the creation of such dependencies, and the debate surrounding these topics. We then explore the crosslinguistic variation in the syntax of Adependencies, illustrating it with dependencies that cross a clausal boundary. Specifically, we examine different instances of raising and control, as well as the theories formulated to account for such phenomena.
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Reference: lingbuzz/007303
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Published in: Accepted at The Cambridge Handbook of Comparative Syntax
keywords: a-dependencies, a vs. a-bar-distinction, a-movement, case, agreement, finiteness, raising, control, restructuring, hyperraising, syntax
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