Discontinuity as prosody: meaning and form of jump cuts on YouTube
Maria Esipova
July 2023

In this paper, I discuss the meaning and form of jump cuts, i.e., instances of visual discontinuity within a single video shot, in YouTube videos. I report the findings of a small-scale qualitative study, in which I sought (i) to identify the various semantic/pragmatic functions of the jump cut in YouTube videos, drawing comparisons with segmental, suprasegmental, and/or gestural realizations of similar meanings; and (ii) to analyze prosodic integration of sub-ip jump cuts with the speech stream, comparing it to other types of similar cross-channel integration. I concluded that integration of jump cuts with the speech stream draws on existing patterns of integration of segmental, suprasegmental, and gestural material into a coherent multi-channel signal at the level of both meaning and form---which allows jump cuts (and editing more broadly) to become a synergistic part of this multi-channel signal in YouTube videos.
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Reference: lingbuzz/007423
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Published in: NYI Constellations
keywords: superlinguistics, film semiotics, prosody, multichannel communication, jump cuts, semantics, phonology
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