Free eBook for Historical Linguists.
Gerard Cheshire
September 2023

Free eBook for Linguistics Scholars. Due to the resounding success of the title The Medieval Map and the Mercy Mission: A Complete Translation of the Voynich Manuscript Map, it has now been made available for free as an ebook at Google Play Books: The book is about a narrative map that tells the fascinating story of a humanitarian rescue mission by the nuns of Ischia following a volcanic eruption on another island in the Mediterranean Sea in the year 1444. All map scripts and annotations have been fully translated and a verified lexicon of every word is provided. The date of the event has been located on the map, hiding in plain sight as Latin abbreviation. The language of the map is a unique hybrid of Iberian Romance, Greek and Latin due to the singular demographic and geographic circumstance of Ischia Island at the time. The writing system of the map is based on the Greek alphabet due to the Basilian Orthodox Catholic history of Ischia monastery. If you would like to own a physical copy, the book is also available to purchase as print-on-demand, at The Great British Bookshop: Softback ISBN: 9781399954990. £12.00 (€14.00, $15.50) Hardback ISBN: 9781399962056. £15.00 (€17.50, $19.00)
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