Adpositions and adpositional phrases A syntactic view from Dutch
Hans Broekhuis, Norbert Corver
February 2024

This chapter examines adpositions and adpositional phrases in Dutch. Section 2 begins with the traditional classification of adpositions based on their position relative to their complements (if any): prePs, postPs, circumPs and intransitive Ps. This is followed by a discussion of the modification possibilities and syntactic uses of adpositional phrases in sections 3 and 4. Section 5 discusses the movement possibilities of adpositional phrases as well as subextraction from them. Subsection 6 returns to the classification of adpositions in section 2 and argues on the basis of the earlier discussion that it is epiphenomenal; word order is not lexically but syntactically determined.
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Published in: to appear in Susanne Wurmbrand, Johannes Mursell & Katharina Hartmann: Handbook on the syntax of the Germanic languages. Mouton de Gruyter
keywords: adpositions, dutch, syntax
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