Late Merge and Cyclicity
Mariia Privizentseva
September 2023

The goal of this paper is to explore how late Merge that is often used to derive anti-connectivity effects relates to different conceptions of cyclicity such as the Extension Condition, the Strict Cycle Condition, the Earliness Principle, and the Featural Cyclicity. I demonstrate that late Merge can be implemented under any of these restrictions on cyclicity if further assumptions on the architecture of syntax are made. I further investigate the contexts where late Merge becomes possible and show that some of the reviewed models overgenerate while others undergenerate.
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Reference: lingbuzz/007580
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Published in: Linguistische Arbeits Berichte 95, Leipzig University
keywords: late merge, cyclicity, extension condition, strict cycle condition, earliness principle, featural cyclicity, ordered features, workspace, syntax
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