The Nanosyntax of Friulian Verbs
Maria Cortiula
November 2023

In this dissertation, I account for root and suffix allomorphy in the Friulian verbal domain. The aim is to combine a detailed empirical description with a theoretical account in terms of Nanosyntax, exploring two recent innovations in the nanosyntactic paradigm. The consistent application of the sub-extracting Spellout (Starke 2022, Caha 2023) in combination with three types of lexical entries (i.e. simple lexical entries, Complex Left Branch trees with a binary foot, Complex Left Branch trees with a unary foot) allows to derive: (i) correct root-suffix pairing, (ii) root suppletion, (iii) syncretism, including ABA patterns.
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keywords: verbs, friulian, irregularity, nanosyntax, morphology, syntax, syncretism, aba, syntax
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