An overview of phonological interactions in Judeo-Baghdadi Arabic
Moty Bistry, Si Berrebi, Eyal Marco, Ezer Rasin
September 2023

Judeo-Baghdadi Arabic is an endangered Jewish variety of Arabic (Semitic) spoken in Israel by Jews who emigrated from Baghdad, Iraq. In this paper, we provide an overview of the phonological system of this variety, focusing on the complex range of interactions between its supra-segmental phonological processes. These interactions raise several issues that have been of theoretical interest to phonologists, including multiple cases of opacity, a non-trivial distribution of schwa, as well as morphological and sonority-based conditions on epenthesis. This is the first overview of interactions between phonological processes in this variety.
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Reference: lingbuzz/007700
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Published in: Submitted.
keywords: phonology, arabic, judeo-arabic, rule interaction, opacity
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