Contextuality of clitic reduplication in La Cassese
Pietro Cerrone, Hiromune Oda
September 2023

In this paper, we examine more than one occurrence of a single clitic, a phenomenon called clitic reduplication, in La Cassese, which is a Piedmont variety spoken in the La Cassa comune in Northern Italy. We show that the availability of clitic reduplication and positions of clitics in this construction are sensitive to syntactic contexts. Specifically, clitic reduplication is only possible when there is more than one verbal element in a single clause (e.g., compound tense), and in the presence of more than two verbal elements in a single clause, possible positions of clitics vary depending on the combination of the verbal elements. We propose that the contextuality of clitic reduplication in this language can be captured by the copy theory of movement and contextuality of phases. We also argue that clitics in La Cassese undergo phrasal movement (i.e., XP-movement) given Kayne’s (1994) Linear Correspondence Axiom. We further suggest that the proposal in this paper can be extended to other languages that allow clitic reduplication, attributing parameterization of clitic reduplication to externalization with uniform syntax across languages, which conforms to the concept of parameterization in the current linguistic theory
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Reference: lingbuzz/007703
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keywords: clitic reduplication, copy theory of movement, phase extension/sliding, linear correspondence axiom, externalization as parameterization, syntax
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