Nominalization in the Discourse of Oppenheimer: A Critical Discourse Analysis Approach
Fatemeh Sadat Fatemeh Sadat Hosseini
November 2023

This article applies Fairclough's CDA method of nominalization to analyze some quotations from Oppenheimer 2023, a film about the life and work of the physicist who led the Manhattan Project. Nominalization is a linguistic strategy that can be used by politicians and other public figures for various purposes, such as creating a more abstract, formal, or impersonal tone, or concealing or obscuring the agent, the responsibility, or the causality of an action or event. Oppenheimer was not a politician, but he was involved in political affairs and used ideological language to convey his views and values.
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Published in: researchgate
keywords: ritical discourse analysis, oppenheimer, nominalization, film analysis, abstract words, semantics
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