Same and Different are Additive Presupposition Triggers
Line Hove Mikkelsen, Daniel Hardt
November 2023

This paper develops a novel account of the adjectives same and different, based on the claim that they are presuppositional. We provide a decompositional analysis in which same and different consist of a (non-)identity operator and a presuppositional element TOO. On this account, the distinction between external and internal readings emerges as the familiar difference between binding and accommodation of presuppositions. The parallelism effects observed in Hardt and Mikkelsen (2015) are also shown to arise from the interaction of the additive presupposition with scopal ambiguities of same and different. Several additional observations are accounted for, including island sensitivity of same and different, as well as aspects of their distribution and interpretation in comparative constructions.
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Published in: to appear in Linguistics and Philosophy
keywords: presupposition, identity, non-identity, scope, decomposition, comparatives, semantics
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