The orientation of evidentials in Attitude Contexts: A Case Study based on Narratives in Paraguayan Guarani
Maria Luisa Zubizarreta
July 2023

This paper examines the orientation of evidentials in complements of attitude verbs, with Paraguayan Guarani evidential ra’e as a case study. It argues that embedded ev-identials can be directed either towards the speaker or towards a matrix atti-tude-holder argument (e.g., the subject of the attitude verb), and that a syntactic rep-resentation of the evidence-acquisition event, with its pronominal subject, in the lower end of the CP field, is well-poised to capture this potential ambiguity. Lan-guage-particular properties can also play a determining role in the orientation of the embedded evidential, as is the case of subordinator ha in Paraguayan Guarani.
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keywords: evidentials, attitude verbs, paraguayan guarani, semantics, syntax
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