The syntax of Romance clitics and selective clitic climbing
Paola Beninca, Guglielmo Cinque
February 2021

While the primary goal of this article is to discuss a number of parametric differences in the syntax of Clitic Climbing (section II), we preliminarily lay out in section I what we tentatively take the syntax of Romance clitics to be. In the final appendix we also suggest that the different orders of clitics in different closely related varieties cannot be directly derived via movement from the canonical Merge position of the corresponding full complements (as the latter are arguably merged in the same positions in all varieties while the order of clitics varies substantially among the different varieties).
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Reference: lingbuzz/007876
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Published in: This is a pre-publication version of an article to appear in Giuliano Bocci, Daniele Botteri, Claudia Manetti, and Vincenzo Moscati, eds., Rich Descriptions and Simple Explanations in Morphosyntax and Language Acquisition. New York: Oxford University Press. 2024
keywords: romance clitics, clitic climbing, syntax
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