Hebrew nonverbal sentences wear reconstruction on their sleeve
Omri Doron
February 2024

In this paper, I discuss a particle in Hebrew which has been termed Pron by Doron (1983). While its surface form is that of a pronoun, its distribution resembles that of a copula – it appears between the subject and the predicate in nonverbal present-tensed sentences. However, its distribution is limited in unexpected ways for a copula, which gained it some attention in the literature. Contra the standard line of analysis, I argue that Pron is in fact a resumptive pronoun left by the subject as it raises to a higher position. I show that this analysis ties together many of Pron’s prima facie-surprising properties.
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Reference: lingbuzz/007888
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Published in: Proceedings of SALT 33
keywords: reconstruction, nonverbal, resumptive pronouns, hebrew, genericity, semantics, syntax
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