Verb Raising, Covert Modals and Flip-flop Constructions in Vietnamese: A Comparative Perspective
Wei-Tien Dylan Tsai
April 2024

This paper pursues the issues surrounding Vietnamese flip-flop sentences in terms of verb raising and covert modals from a comparative point of view. We show that verb movement in flip-flop constructions is found in both matrix and embedded environments where the presence of modality is attested. Evidence is presented to show the bi-clausal nature of the so-called “flip alternative” construction, as well as the rightward nature of V-to-M adjunction. We also draw cross-linguistic support from Thai data to substantiate our syntactic analyses on empirical grounds.
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Reference: lingbuzz/008009
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Published in: Taiwan Journal of Linguistics
keywords: verb raising, covert modals, flip-flop constructions, comparative syntax, vietnamese, syntax
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