Palestinian Arabic Reflexives
Mutaz Ayesh
April 2024

The paper provides a comprehensive examination of Palestinian Arabic (PA) reflexive pronouns, shedding light on their syntactic behaviors, their interaction with perspective, and their diverse linguistic functions within the dialect. An overview of PA's pronominal system is provided, then the predictions of Binding Theory are examined within the framework of PA's linguistic structure, revealing the theory's applicability in explaining the distribution of nouns, pronouns, and reflexive pronouns. The third section delves into the nuanced interplay between reflexive pronouns and perspective, drawing from theories of logophoricity and linguistic elements sensitive to perspective. Through an analysis of data and grammaticality judgments, the paper investigates the presence of logophoric pronouns in PA and concludes that PA is insensitive to perspective, in contrast to some other languages. Lastly, additional uses of reflexive pronouns in PA are explored, focusing on reflexive intensifiers and their role within prepositional phrases. The findings reveal distinct functions for reflexive bases in PA, with "nafs" primarily serving as an adnominal intensifier and "ћa:l" occupying various other reflexive contexts.
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keywords: syntax, pronouns, reflexive pronouns, palestinian arabic, arabic, logophoricity, perspective, morphology, syntax, binding theory, palestine, intensifier
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