Of Neglect
Shrayana Haldar
May 2024

In this paper, I argue that PF and LF Neglect, in the sense of Sportiche (2016), are not independent of each other. Furthermore, independent LF Neglect has properties that are also underivable from Sportiche (2016). I argue this by recapitulating an observation from Fox (2017), and also based on data from Sauerland (1998). Moreover, while partial Neglect is stipulative, total Neglect suffers from its own undergeneration problems that are not alleviated even when supplemented with Fox’s (2017) multidominant grammar. I conclude, therefore, that Neglect only stipulates and doesn’t have explanatory power.
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Reference: lingbuzz/008029
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Published in: submitted to "Linguistic Inquiry"
keywords: neglect, late merge, reconstruction, extraposition, modularity, multidominance, linearization, presupposition projection, semantics, syntax
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