Грамматика. Язык. Лингвистика [Grammar. Language. Linguistics - In Response to Opposing Views]
Anton Zimmerling
April 2024

I discuss the criteria of defining linguistics against other science branches. Lin­guistics is not a proper part of semiotics, since the foundations of language do not necessarily rely on the theory of sign systems. Grammar always operates on sets, including the sets consisting of one element. Not all language objects can be treated as signs. The connectors, i. e. segmental means marking the levels of clause linkage are legal linguistic objects, but the analysis of in­dividual texts is a prerogative of philological and interdisciplinary research.
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Reference: lingbuzz/008031
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Published in: Slovo:ru Baltic Accent. 2024. № 1, 187-194. DOI:10.5922/2225-5346-2024-1-11
keywords: natural languages, linguistics, semiotics, grammar, lexicon, connectors, semantics, morphology, syntax
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