Object clitics in imperatives: variation in Gheg and Tosk Albanian. A morpho-syntactic account
Benedetta Baldi
July 2021

In many languages, typically in Romance and Albanian varieties, modal contexts, specifically imperative and infinitive, and negation, give rise to phenomena of clitic reordering and an interesting micro-variation. In Albanian varieties, imperative differs from declarative sentences in generally selecting enclisis and, in the 2nd plural person of imperative, mesoclisis, except for Shkodër Gheg where enclisis is restricted to 3rd person Object Clitics (OCl). Negative contexts in turn require the usual preverbal postion of OCls. This article addresses the distribution of object clitics in imperatives excluding the DM treatment based on the manipulation of syntactic information. Inspiring to Chomsky (2020a,b), the combination of sub-word elements (roots and affixes) is the result of the rule of Merge and morphology is part of the syntactic computation.
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Reference: lingbuzz/008034
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Published in: Hylli i Drites, 2, 2021
keywords: object clitics, imperative, enclisis, mesoclisis, negation, gheg, tosk, albanian, syntax
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