Moving Vehicle Violations: Binding via Movement and Vehicle Change effects
Malhaar Shah
April 2024

A not-at-all-worked-out proposal/speculation about why vehicle change effects occur. Specifically, if binding phenomena are really the result of PF-rules like 'reflexivize' and 'pronominalize', as has been suggested in the 'Chain Based Construal' tradition, then it is unsurprising that ellipsis obviates the need for those rules to apply: Condition C violations occur when you can pronominalize/reflexivize but you don't. If you elide the offending structure, you can't pronominalize/reflexivize, and so, incur no violation. Vehicle change effects emerge as nothing special in such a view. This also allows us to pursue a non-generation view of binding phenomena (i.e., the grammar does not need to overgenerate and filter illicit indexations). Not intended for publication in anything like its present form (though I intend to develop the proposal). Comments and criticism much appreciated.
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keywords: vehicle change, ellipsis, construal, binding, movement, minimalism, syntax
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