Syntactic influences on stress: Noun Incorporation and Denominal Verbs in Choguita Rarámuri
Ksenia Bogomolets
May 2022

This paper investigates phonological properties of stress in an understudied language Choguita Rarámuri (Uto-Aztecan; CR henceforth). CR is a lexical stress system, i.e., stress is unpredictable within a morpheme, and both roots and affixes can be underlyingly marked as accented or unaccented (Caballero 2008). This study focuses on two patterns in CR which have previously been treated as exceptional and required idiosyncratic stress rules (Caballero 2008, 2011): Noun Incorporation (NI) and Denominal Verbs (DNV). First, I argue that no special stress rules are needed to account for these patterns, i.e., they can be accounted for by the regular stress assignment rules active in CR. Second, I argue that it is not an accident that NI and DNV exhibit the same stress pattern – it is due to them having the same syntactic structure.
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Reference: lingbuzz/008140
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Published in: Proceedings of the 57th Meeting of the Chicago Linguistic Society, CLS 57 (2022), 29-44
keywords: phonology, prosody, stress, accent, syntax, uto-aztecan, noun incorporation, verbs, syntax, phonology
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