La rappresentazione delle differenze fra dialetti affini
Savoia Leonardo M.
June 1990

The article addresses the issue concerning the representation of phonological differences between strictly similar varieties. The microvariation affeting the realization of /v/ in some Norther Tuscany varieties (Garfagnana) is investigated on thee basis of the Generative Phonology, in particular the approaches of Kiparsky and Hooper.THe data provides an example of microvariation involving on the one hand the explicative tools of the phonological theory, on the other hand the role of pragmatic factors.
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Reference: lingbuzz/008180
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Published in: Quaderni dell'Atlante Lessicale Toscano
keywords: fonologia generativa, micro-variazione dialettale, dialetti della toscana nord-occidentale, /v/ intervocalica, phonology
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