The residual case system in the Aromanian varieties spoken in southern Albania
Savoia Leonardo M.
June 2023

This article addresses some morphosyntactic phenomena concerning the nominal inflections in the Aromanian varieties spoken in Southern Albania, in the villages of Libofshë, in Musachia, and Këllez, in the region of Gjirokastër. These varieties share a residual system of case morphology, more precisely, a specialized inflection associated with the plural definite and feminine singular nouns in prepositional, genitive, and dative contexts introduced by the Possessive Introducer (PI). Our approach assumes that morphology is part of the syntactic computation based on the Merge operation.
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Reference: lingbuzz/008181
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Published in: Rodica Zafiu: lingvista, profesoara, colega, prietena, pp. 745-756, Bucureşti: Editura Universităţii din Bucureşti
keywords: case, nominal paradigms, oblique, aromanian, morphology, syntax
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