Deep and surface anaphora: A Mayan reappraisal
Rodrigo Ranero, Justin Royer
June 2024

Novel Chuj data show that Hankamer and Sag’s (1976) distinction of deep and surface anaphora—even for silent expressions—continues to be ripe for debate and reassessment. We argue that Chuj provides the right ingredients to support the following proposals: (i) NCA involves a null proform in the silence (Depiante 2001) and (ii) ellipsis is regulated by an identity condition predicated on featural non-distinctness (Ranero 2021).
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Reference: lingbuzz/008235
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Published in: Proceedings of NELS 54
keywords: deep anaphora; surface anaphora; mayan; null complement anaphora; sluicing; identity condition; non-distinctness; null proform; chuj; mayan, morphology, syntax
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