Russian e-verbs and thematic vowel change
Ora Matushansky
June 2024

This paper argues for an ablaut process (thematic vowel raising) targeting the thematic vowel -e- of second-conjugation verbs in the present tense, as well as in several other environments. I will argue that thematic vowel raising is obligatory in the present tense and in the past passive participle and conditioned by the verbal root in actor nominalization and in the secondary imperfective. I will also show how this process provides for a better understanding of some exceptional second-conjugation verbs, as well as transitive softening verbs, and offer a reanalysis of some other cases with an unexpected thematic vowel change.
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Reference: lingbuzz/008243
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Published in: to appear in FASL 2023 Proceedings
keywords: russian, thematic vowel, ablaut, conjugation, causative, inchoative, agentive, transitive softening, morphology, phonology
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