Prepositions and case at the syntax–prosody interface
Daniel Greeson
July 2024

Syntactically conditioned silence constitutes a longstanding puzzle for linguistic theory. Why should the syntax care about the phonetic content of a given word or morpheme? In this paper, I come at this issue with novel data from a variety of languages in which the covertness or overtness of case-like prepositions and case endings appears to be conditioned by phenomena like movement and the presence of inflectional morphology. I argue that we can account for this distribution of null and overt prepositions/case (K) heads entirely outside of the narrow syntax, at the syntax–PF interface. (This is essentially a shorter version of the recently manuscript "EPP effects in the prepositional domain and beyond".)
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Reference: lingbuzz/008247
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Published in: Proceedings of NELS 54
keywords: prepositions, spellout, case, prosodic hierarchy, spellout, syntax
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