Agreement in imperative clauses: Evidence from object resumptive pronouns in Mandarin Chinese
Ka-Fai Yip, Xuetong Yuan
July 2024

This study reports a case of interaction between jussives/imperatives and objects. The core data come from non-agreeing resumptive pronouns (NRPs) in Mandarin Chinese. We show that the NRP exhibits a multifaceted empirical profile that involves: (i) licensing by jussive clauses, (ii) patient roles of objects, and (iii) movement-derived properties. We argue that the intricate pattern can be accounted for by an Agree relation between the NRP and jussive head, coupled with interface conditions on partial Copy Deletion. The findings suggest that jussive is a syntactically active notion even in a language without inflectional morphology like Mandarin Chinese.
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Reference: lingbuzz/008248
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Published in: To appear in Proceedings of NELS-54
keywords: jussive/imperative, agreement, objects, non-agreeing resumptive pronoun, partial copy deletion, mandarin chinese, syntax
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