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Filip, Hana
new [pdf]Integrating Telicity, Aspect and NP Semantics: The Role of Thematic Structure
Filip, Hana
new [pdf]Quantification, Aspect and Lexicon.
Filip, Hana
Carlson, Gregory
new [pdf]Sui Generis Genericity
Moore-Cantwell, Claire
new [pdf]Representational Strength Theory: Combining lexical idiosyncrasy and probabilistic grammar
Filip, Hana
Chambers, Craig
Tanenhaus, Michael
Eberhard, Kathleen
Carlson, Gregory
new [pdf]Words and Worlds: The Construction of Context for Definite Reference
Filip, Hana
new [pdf]Psychological Predicates and the Syntax-Semantics Interface
Cheshire, Gerard
freshly changed [pdf]Free eBook for Historical Linguists.
Tieu, Lyn
Qiu, Jimmy
Puvipalan, Vaishnavy
Pasternak, Robert
freshly changed [pdf]Experimental evidence for a semantic typology of emoji: Inferences of co-, pro-, and post-text emoji
Filip, Hana
new [pdf]Quantificational Morphology: A Case Study in Czech
Baldi, Benedetta
new [pdf]Verb constructs in Shkodër Gheg: morphosyntax of bare bases
Filip, Hana
new [pdf]Aspect and Interpretation of Nominal Arguments
Baldi, Benedetta
new [pdf]Object clitics in imperatives: variation in Gheg and Tosk Albanian. A morpho-syntactic account
Lionnet, Florian
new [pdf]Accent and tone: the double origin of the Paicî prosodic system
Shah, Malhaar
new [pdf]SynTeX: LaTeX for syntacticians
Schäfer, Florian
freshly changed [pdf]Anticausatives in transitive guise
Zimmerling, Anton
new [pdf]Конкретно. Синтактика без семиотики? [Really: Syntactics without Semiotics?]
Zimmerling, Anton
new [pdf]Грамматика. Язык. Лингвистика [Grammar. Language. Linguistics - In Response to Opposing Views]
Zimmerling, Anton
Lyutikova, Ekaterina
new [pdf]Constructions and Linguistic Typology
Zimmerling, Anton
new [pdf]Biased Questions and Hamblin Semantics
Haldar, Shrayana
new [pdf]Of Neglect
Collins, Joe
freshly changed [pdf]The simple reason LLMs are not scientific models (and what the alternative is for linguistics).
Cheshire, Gerard
new [pdf]Astrology Series, No. 4. MS 408.
Ayesh, Mutaz
new [pdf]Palestinian Arabic Reflexives
Alkan, Selin
new [pdf]Are Māori Thematic Consonants Predictable in Passives? A Reexamination of /-mia/, /-ria/, and /-hia/ Verbs
Arvaniti, Amalia
Gryllia, Stella
Baltazani, Mary
freshly changed [pdf]The complex relationship between the tunes and pragmatics of Greek wh-questions
Ausensi, Josep
Bigolin, Alessandro
new [pdf]Hybrid subjects in Spanish and Catalan: Halfway between agents and patients
Efremov, Metodi
Marušič, Franc
new [pdf]On the structure of double-coordinator constructions
Schäfer, Florian
Anagnostopoulou, Elena
freshly changed [pdf]Case and Agreement in Distributed Morphology
Akkus, Faruk
Embick, David
Salih, Mohammed
freshly changed [pdf]Case and the syntax of argument indexation: An analysis of Sorani Kurdish
Branan, Kenyon
Erlewine, Michael
freshly changed [pdf]Ā-probing for the closest DP

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